In-House Pharmacy

FAC keeps in stock most all of the prescription drugs and nutraceuticals that might be needed for your pet’s care, providing you with manufacturer-backed quality, veterinary expertise, and dispensing convenience.  For our hard-to-medicate pets, we can even provide specially flavored liquids, transdermal gels or patches through our compounding pharmacy resources, and we offer Greenies Pill Pockets that can turn “pill time” into “treat time.” In addition, we carry many OTC products such as those to ward off dental disease, help with coat and skin care, provide vitamins or nutrients missing from the diet, ease arthritis pain, calm thunderstorm or fireworks anxiety, and many more items to help enrich your pet’s life.

We ask that pet owners requesting prescription refills allow us at least 24 hours prior to pick-up.  Certain special-order medications may require several days advance notice.  Just as you would for your own drug needs, we urge you to stay on top of your pet’s Rx meds, so there will be no missed doses.   Please note that, for the health and safety of your pet, PERIODIC BLOOD TESTING IS REQUIRED prior to any prescription refills of medications used to treat certain conditions like arthritis/pain, high/low thyroid or seizure disorders.  These medications include Deramaxx, Metacam, and Rimadyl (which are NSAIDs), Methimazole, Thyroxine, Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide, among others. Blood testing serves two purposes: 1) It allows us to monitor the level of drug concentration in the blood in order to afford the maximum benefit, and, 2) It allows us to monitor any adverse effects the drug may have on your pet’s internal organs.  Call us when your pet’s medication is running low, so that we can determine the status of your pet’s bloodwork.  If any testing is due, we can schedule an appointment as soon as possible to allow for refill or medication/dosage adjustment.  

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has established strict policies regarding prescription drug use for animals.  Since veterinarians, as licensed health professionals, can order and dispense drugs to effectively treat their animal patients, they must adhere to the same regulations as pharmacists as to the handling of such medications, as well as to the policies established by the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine.  Following is information regarding the most common questions we receive.

Can the doctor prescribe a drug treatment for my pet without its having to be seen?
Veterinary prescription drugs are to be used or prescribed only within the context of a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR).  A VCPR exists when all of the following conditions have been met:  The veterinarian has assumed the responsibility for making clinical judgments regarding the health of the animal(s) and the need for medical treatment, and the client has agreed to follow the veterinarian’s instructions. The veterinarian has sufficient knowledge of the animal(s) to initiate at least a general or preliminary diagnosis of the medical condition of the animal(s). This means that the veterinarian has recently seen and is personally acquainted with the keeping and care of the animal(s) by virtue of an examination of the animal(s) or by medically appropriate and timely visits to the premises where the animal(s) are kept. The veterinarian is readily available for follow-up evaluation, or has arranged for emergency coverage, in the event of adverse reactions or failure of the treatment regimen.  AVMA Guidelines for Veterinary Prescription Drugs, revised 11/06 Therefore, if the above conditions have not been met, then OUR VETERINARIAN MUST FIRST EXAMINE YOUR PET before prescribing any method of treatment.

Can I return a prescription if my pet, for whatever reason, cannot use it?
24.174.521  RETURNED PRESCRIPTION  In the best interest of, and for the safety and protection of public health and the pharmacy, no pharmacist shall place in stock for reuse or resale the contents of any prescription, which has been returned after leaving the pharmacy, except as provided in ARM 24.174.1141.      Board of Pharmacy–Administrative Rules of Montana 6/30/06 In other words, once a prescription has left the pharmacy, the pharmacist cannot be sure that the product is still safe.  Since our veterinarian serves as your pet’s pharmacist, think of it this way:  Would you want the medication that you purchase from us to be medication that someone else had returned and we cannot guarantee that it had not been contaminated or improperly stored? Therefore, to ensure your pet’s safety and to comply with state law, WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT ANY MEDICATION RETURNS.

Can I buy the same prescription medicine for my pet over the internet?

We realize that cost is very often a factor for our clients, and that large internet companies can buy in bulk, offering medications and products for less.  We wish to caution our clients about these resources, however, as your pet’s health is at stake.  Many veterinary drug manufacturers do not sell to retail outlets, pet supply stores, internet sites or any other distribution facility where a veterinary-client relationship does not exist.  How products reach these businesses is unknown, so the drug manufacturers cannot ensure that proper handling and storage occurs, or if the products are legitimate or counterfeit.  Even though our doctor’s prescription is still required for purchase, there will not be any guarantee should your pet have an adverse experience or lack of efficacy on these medications or products.  If you are interested in learning more about the counterfeit market for animal health products, you can access the FDA website at