Puppy & Kitten Care

Adopting a puppy or kitten into your home is fun and exciting! It might be your first pet, or, maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had a youngster. Either way, we want to provide you with important information that will keep your new addition healthy and happy for a lifetime.

Your puppy’s or kitten’s initial visit will include a thorough physical exam that will allow safe administration of any needed vaccines. We will begin a vaccine protocol that is specially tailored to your pet. Adhering to the schedule will be emphasized in order to provide optimum protection against a number of harmful, or potentially deadly, diseases, and we’ll remind you when boosters are due.

A microscopic fecal exam will also be performed during this visit. (Remember to bring a fresh stool sample along.)  Deworming and parasite control will be of ongoing importance since many parasites can be harmful to other pets in the household, as well as humans in close contact.

We’ll discuss the benefits of spaying/neutering and determine the appropriate age for this surgery for your pet.  Getting an early start on dental care is another must. We’ll assist you with starting a routine that will help minimize future dental problems. Proper diet for your kitten or puppy tailored to its specific breed needs will be addressed.  Feeding the right amount of a well-balanced diet made with high quality ingredients will promote a healthy GI tract and lustrous fur coat, and foster optimal skeletal development and growth.  See our links for PET NUTRITION under our RESOURCES Tab.

You may want to consider having a microchip implanted to aid in recovering your pet in case it ever becomes lost. (See MICROCHIPPING under our SERVICES Tab for details on this important program.)

Early behavior training is essential, as is getting your pet accustomed to having its feet, mouth, and ears handled. Our knowledgeable staff can help with any problem areas, such as litter box training, destructive chewing, car ride anxiety/nausea, dominance display, and other aspects of early training. We also have excellent references for early socialization and obedience classes.

Come see us to introduce your pet to a lifetime of health and wellness and take home a Puppy or Kitten Care Kit with food samples and coupons!