Radiowave Surgery

We are pleased to offer a radiowave surgery option for your pet as an alternative to traditional surgical procedure. Rather than cutting through tissue with a scalpel blade, an electrode tip, energized by ultra-high frequency radiowaves, provides our surgeon both a cutting and coagulating effect with each incision made.

Benefits for your pet (and you):

  • Decreased post-operative pain. Nerve endings are sealed by the radiowaves as they cut.
  • Decreased post-surgical edema. High frequency/Low temperature=less tissue destruction
  • Decreased risk of infection. Surface bacteria are vaporized by the radiowaves.
  • Reduced blood loss. Radiowaves close off blood vessels as they cut.
  • Shortened anesthesia/surgery time. As there’s less time spent controlling bleeding, your pet recovers faster and there’s less cost to you.
  • Occasional suture elimination. Allows multiple cysts or small skin growths to be quickly and cleanly removed.
  • Affordable. Additional cost is minimal to you for the benefits gained for your pet.

If a surgical procedure has been recommended for your pet, please ask us about the suitability and cost associated with this beneficial option.