We are happy to provide you with the following excellent air travel safety information and invite you to visit the website noted. The organization is a status-pending 501(c)(3) non-profit that was created in honor of a beloved cat, Jack. Jack was lost in JFK Terminal 8 for 61 days in August 2011 until he fell through the ceiling in the Customs & Border Patrol office. Malnourished and wounded, he was treated in a veterinary hospital’s ICU for 12 days, but was unable to recover from his ordeal and died on November 6, 2011. His owners have vowed that he will not have suffered in vain. In his honor, they created the website and great resources to make sure that what happened to Jack will never happen again. They seek to educate, change policy, and be a resource for anyone who is concerned about the safety of pets during air travel.

Click here to view the Pet Flight Safety Checklist